Thank you very much for your support!
Many of my projects wouldn't have been possible to realise that fast... But thanks to you it was! and did a lot to help me out those years. Since my favorite material was and still is worbla, i needed loads of it. They had the kindness to grant me a parenthood for 1 year. Also they granted me discounts since i bought that much worbla.

Cast4Art is keeping me updated with their new materials. They are the creators of Worbla Finest Art and many different amazing products.
I'm always glad if they grant me samples of their new products.
I also love how good all their products are connectable and reusable (most of the materials can be molten by heating gun so scraps can be used for details and so on).

These gentlemens are my first place to go to, as soon as my project contents medival, leather or chain mail stuff.
Gloves, belt bag, Gambeson and Chain mail of my Necromaner Project came from them.

They sent me contacts for my upcoming Skeletor Project. They also were so kind to supply me with everything i need for the contacts such as lens medium, lens case and so on.
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