Blood_loan is my newest creative Output/Valve.
It will mainly Content:


It´ll basicaly be a "model" page for me.
Also the stuff i´ll build for those genres will only be viewable there. So if i build a Wasteland armor for a shoot or an Event, it will not be shown on my Cosplay page, but here on Blood_loan.

I still love Cosplay, even more than back when i started it in 2013, but i need more. 

So i decided to seperate this from my Cosplay page to not disturb anyone that isn´t interested in this at all.

Why Blood_loan?
Well there are actually quite some thoughts and meaning behind this Name.
"Blood" is part of a nickname I used to have a Long time ago. It is also our lifejuice, the Thing that seperates us into families, but also connects all of us and makes us equal beings. In the end I´m just a Bloodbag as everyone else reading this.

I see a lot of stuff in life as a loan. Blood is a loan i got from birth, it´s used to Keep me alive and get going. Going my way makes me hungry/thirsty. Groceries are a loan, with them you deliver power to your Body and can provide work. Work is a loan so you can get Money in return. Aaaaaand so on.

In the end i think loan is the circle of life, also a neverending circle of trust.

so you can see this Name has many ways to understand:

- It´s a circle that connects us
-It´s part of my past and my future
-It´s part of a lost nickname
-It´s calling me a normal Bloodbag like everyone else
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