Hi, my name is Sandro Chiaravalle. 
I was Born 31.12.1989, so i'm 30 years old. 
I'm from Switzerland, creating cosplay since late 2013. 
So how did a chef/cook from Basel, Switzerland end up as cosplayer?

I always loved videogames, movies and comics, and had very few friends that shared that passion with me. These friends told me about cosplay. First i was like "this is really a thing?". I was never good in creating stuff, i always had tons of ideas but i couldn't build them. I lacked talent, so i also lacked motivation.
Years have passed, i forgot about the thing called cosplay. I was watching "Devil is a part-timer" in 2013.
"Damn i would love to craft Sadao Maou's devilform and walk in it for a few hours, just for fun". Then it hit me.
Why not? Why not try it for once?
So i did, only a few days have passed and i created that cosplay out of paper, clay, wood, acryl colors and a cheap wig.
I went visiting Connichi 2013, alone, no idea what i had to expect. I felt exposed at first. "Is this a good idea? Look at these awesome costumes i can't walk in front of them with mine".
They came up to me and asked me how i did the hooves i wore. Since i was over 2 meter tall wearing them, everyone could see me. They loved the idea of creating hooves for men. They told me nearly anyone knows good ways to craft some for woman, in easy steps, but not for men (because of the shoesize). So i had a lot of conversations with cosplayer from all over germany and switzerland at this convention. I really had a blast.

So since then i was motivated moving forward always creating new stuff. I wanted to get better with every single costume. Better than my former self, never better than others. I don't compare myself to others, we all have the same hobby why compete?
Now i'm past 6 Years in this hobby.
I created nearly 40 Costumes, and still want to get better with every single one. Trying out new ways, trying out new materials and different tools. It's a never ending "Street" that i actually love walking.
Thanks for the likes, shares and kind words you always give me on social media. I really appreciate it.
Also a special thanks goes to conventions that are inviting me by now, all over europe. I always have a blast at your events and try to bring something new to every single con.

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